Katee Sackhoff Q&A, season 4.5 poster

Scifi.com has kick started the Q&A sessions again, and part1 with Katee Sackhoff is up for viewing both from the recently slightly rearranged Battlestar site's video section (Note - You now have to navigate to www.scifi.com/battlestar/webisodes to view the webisodes there. It no longer opens from the home page), or you can watch the Hulu embed below. FYI - Here's a direct link to Hulu's Battlestar main page. Sorry folks, but there doesn't seem to be a youtube version out there just yet...

Speaking of Katee, Mo Ryan posted the fantabulous season 4.5 promotional poster below on her Chicago Tribune online blog The Watcher. This is going to be a new countdown widget image me thinks:

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