Battlestar on DVD

Mark this date, and start putting aside some extra cash now - On July 28 (2009), not only will season 4.5 be released on DVD in North America, but the entire series will be available in one humongous box set on both standard DVD as well as Blu-ray. Amazon is taking pre-orders for all of them now (check here at HD Room for direct links for Blu-ray on Amazon).

The Blu-ray version of the complete series will contain 20 discs, and the standard DVD version will be 25 (you'd figure they could slim down the amount of Blue-ray discs considerably?), and the MSRP is $349.98 (244.99 on Amazon) and $279.98 (181.99 on Amazon) respectively.

There aren't a ton of details for the complete series release, nor is it set as to what extras will be in the 4.5 set, but Buddy TV has some speculative information. I'm wondering if we'll get "The Plan" in 4.5, like the way "Razor" was included in 4.0, but that doesn't seem likely since the release date for "The Plan" has been set back to well after July 2009.

Here's a place marker for battlestargalacticadvd.com, which is currently still only set up for season 4.0. They should probably be updating it at some point between now and July ;)

Also useful - Amazon.com's Battlestar site

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