Riverworld looks like alternate BSG 'verse

Well, almost... The first degree of separation is Tahmoh Penikett being cast in a lead role for this 2 night, 4 hour movie event from SciFi, that if successful may lead to a new series. Frankly, I don't see this happening for Tahmoh simply because it would be a bit regressive compared to his accomplishments with BSG and now Dollhouse. I only say that by looking at other material SciFi (soon to be rebranded, and I refuse to use the new name until then) has presented in the same manner. Just browse at SciFi.com's main page at some of the TV movies they are airing currently, and you'll probably se what I mean.

But the second degree of separation is what is most striking. The story of Riverworld comes from a book series by author Phillip Jose Farmer, which I sadly know little about. The premise revolves around humans from Earth who have died being resurrected on a terraformed planet. With that basic synopsis, I can't help but associate all sorts of things with BSG, like the concepts of resurrection and humanity's cycle within and without of Earth. It sounds really cool, but I have my doubts as to SciFi's ability to commit to a concept like this enough to make it successful on anywhere near the scale of BSG. via zap2it and TVGuide

The third degree of separation is where it ends. Riverworld is another remake of an earlier failed attempt. In fact, it was the same attempt that SciFi took back in 2003 according to imdb - a pilot for a potential series of the same exact name, and the same concept (and based on the same book series). Do they think they have the star power this time around, the budgeting, the sci-fi fan base (which they are in fact diminishing with the rebranding), or some strange combination of all of these?

We can always hope for the best (quality that is). Riverworld is expected for sometime in 2010. Read more about it and check out some concept art here at SciFi Wire.

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