Colonial Dispatch 4.30.09

A chat with Katee Sackhoff at Jonja.net (video)

Buddy TV also has a little feature up about Katee
and her upcoming role in NBC's Lost and Found.

3xcusemyfrench has some great video interviews with Mary M and Jamie B. Click here for all

An interesting commentary: Is Lee Adama the New (And Not So Improved) Thomas Jefferson?

Leoben fans can catch Callum Keith Rennie in an upcoming Canadian TV show Shattered, where he plays a schizophrenic ex-cop.

This is an oldie, but BSG gets mention on yet another of EW.com's lists. This time around it's The Big Goodbyes: 16 Classic Series Finales.

Anyone living near the Los Angeles probably already knows all about this, but starting tomorrow Creation Entertainment will be hosting the 17th Annual Grand Slam: Sci-Fi Summit at the Marriot LAX, May 1-3. Nicki Clyne, Michael Trucco, and Michelle Forbes will all be there on Friday only (that's tomorrow!). Nicki Clyne will also be performing in a cabaret that night. (Thanks to pedda on LJ)

Also, Fed Con XVIII will be taking place this wekend in Bonn, Germany. Mike Hogan, Eddie JO, and mark Sheppard will be there (and Adam Baldwin and Summer Gau!). Can't wait to see video posted from all these cons in coming weeks!

Aaron Douglas had to drop out of Fed Con, but he's still scheduled for Michigan's Motor City Comic Con on May 15-17, along with Luciana Carro and Mike Hogan as well!

Speaking of Aaron, the reason he couldn't make it all the way out to Fed Con is because production has officially begun for his new show The Bridge, so hopefully Motor City, which is oodles closer to Toronto, will still be on for him.

and speaking of cons, Airlock Alpha talks about the defamed Jump Con (can we call it a con-con? Please?) and how Eddie Olmos helped bring them down.

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