BSG Con cancelled :(

The Battlestar Con scheduled for late November in Burbank, Ca has apparently been canceled. WTFrak? Not that I was going to go, but that's just kind of sad. I haven't heard any explaination as to why, but I'm guessing most of the cast will be so tied up with other projects, that maybe not a lot of them could commit? Maybe Gate Con will share again? Maybe there will be a future BSG reunion convention?

The Good News:

- Aaron Douglas is a last minute add-on to the Fan Expo in Toronto this weekend. Way to support the fans Aaron!

- Eddie Olmos will have his own panel at Dragon Con on Monday at 10am (September 1). Thanks to Battlestar Blog, and Cassie Gordon from DC PR for posting a Google spreadsheet to tide everyone over until a PDF of the DC schedule can get put up.

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