Tahmoh at IGN

Tahmoh Penikett spoke with IGN's Eric Goldman shortly after the series wrap about the final days (of course), and his upcoming Dollhouse gig with Joss. Read the interview here. Okay, Ron? Snatch up Tahmoh while you can, eh?
IGN: We've heard about the new Battlestar TV-Movie. Will you be a part of that and even if you're not, would you want to revisit Helo again at some point?

...I don't know if I'm going to. I haven't been asked as of yet. It would be speculation right now for me, but I'd be honored to be, of course.

Here's a video clip with Tahmoh at SDCC (about a week after the interview) from IGN, along with some other snazzy Battlestar video:

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