Possible spoilers?

I will NOT post the spoilers here, only links to them. None of these spoilers are conclusive either. They only serve to paint a loose picture of what season 4.5 might look like.

I just caught this potentially spoilery Katee Sackhoff article with interview tidbits from The Chicago Tribune's Red Eye Blog. It's a potential spoiler (without giving away any spoilers here!) in that she mentions an addition to a wardrobe accessory of hers, which you could take in any number of different ways. It's only a semi-spoiler in that sense, and if you just want zero impressions for the upcoming series finale, then don't even bother following the link. Otherwise, the article includes some other words from Katee about the final days of shooting that I haven't read before.

From Livejournal's Battlestar Blog: a fan met up with Richard Hatch at a Star Trek convention, and asked the biggest spoiler question of all. Richard's answer was such a complete spoiler, that it absolutely can't be true. Or can it?

Probably the biggest spoiler of them all, yet still only a semi-spoiler in that it can't give away plot points and only tells us about a character we will see in some shape or form at the end of 4.5, is this actor's IMDB entry. I see a connection between this spoiler and another spoiler in this here entry. Of course I ain't sayin' which one!

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