Spotlight on Tricia Helfer

While surfing around to find video of Tricia at NVIDIA 08 (still unsuccessful), I found lots of other older video interviews with her. Check it out!

Craig Furguson 1:

Craig Furguson 2 (5/08):

The Hour:

mahalo.com from Comic-Con:

Chelsea Lately:

TV Guide (Do any other females out there want to stomp this host's face into the corner of the stage too?):

From Fan Expo 07 part 1:

(Fan Expo 07 with Tricia part 2, part 3, and part 4)

PETA spot:

IGN from NYCC part 1:

IGN from NYCC part 2:

Yahoo Games discussing Command and Conquer:

Tricia hosting Canada's next Top Model (see this user youtube page for pretty much the whole series!):

Clip of Tricia on Vic's Catwalk (no sound):

Finally, this one from TalkingPicturesTV didn't allow embedding, but here's a link to the video.

See next post for one other Tricia video from BSG Con 07!

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