Frik and Frak

Poor attempt at an original headline, I know. Let's just cut right to it, shall we?

Emmy nominated BSG writer Michael Angeli talked to Variety about his research for the show. Surprisingly, it's not so much about science:
...his research usually involves classical literature, Westerns and history.

"Those have struggles of obsession, survival and possession, which we feel is what the show is really about," Angeli says.

"If we go to the Bible, a Western or the transcripts of the trial for Saddam Hussein -- which we did at the end of season three -- we can look for cultural differences, questions of race, gender, class, conspicuous consumption and sex," he adds. "We like to touch on the idea of what it means to be human."

Michael recieved some well deserved kudos from Variety for his work on BSG episode "Six of One" as well.

Speaking of award snubs, Television Without Pity tells it like it is with Emmy: TWOP List of the Most Egregious Snubs, of which Battlestar gets some respect.

Sticking with the above theme of lists, EW.com, famous for lists, has a top 25 of the scifi genre (TV and film) in the last 25 years, and of course BSG is in the mix. Not quite sure how Blade Runner snuck in there, since it's actually 26 years old, but I'm okay with that! Uh, no Star Wars except The first Clone Wars series? WUWT?

Bear McCreary's Eureka soundtrack came out yesterday, and top40-charts.com talks about the composer's accomplishments. Interestingly, I've caught some recent reruns of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and I'm now totally hearing Bear! When the series first aired, I didn't realize Bear worked on it (the music is waaay subtle on that show). Another duh moment was when I realized Bruce Davidson, who plays the not so ethical Dr. Robert in BSG's The Woman King, plays the also not so ethical nor sane Dr. Silverman in episode 7 of TSCC.

SyFy Portal relays the scoop on Mark Sheppard reuniting with Joss in at least (*hopes*) 3 episodes of Dollhouse. Thanks Dollverse, just for existing.

David Eick Talks Battlestar Galactica Past, Present, Future (and Caprica!) to Newsarama. No spoilers of course.

Anyone who knows what a Cylon is can confirm that this Peugeot concept car is one. :O

Shout out to Geek Sugar for using Battlestar Galactica as an example of how to use Scribd services.

I had no idea about the A-Team thing. If anyone knows the details, I would really appreciate being saved the trauma of researching the A-Team. I'm guessing it was a gag with Dirk Benedict (whom I actually don't mind researching so much).

Speaking of Starbuck (above... kind of), Den of Geek compares Shawn McCormick in Knight Rider 2K, to RDM's Starbuck gender change. Doesn't look like it helped the new Knight Rider, and I for one really hope to kidnap Paul Campbell and put him on a different show.

Edit - Thanks 'iguanamom' for pointing out the A-Team intro, and the Cylon appearance. Now, if anyone knows exactly which episode that was clipped from, that would be the rulingest!


IguanaMom said...

"The A-Team" was an action TV series that Dirk Benedict, the original Starbuck (one of my first TV crushes btw) was one of the stars of. You can find the "A-Team" intro. here at YouTube and you'll see what they are referring to, it makes me LOL every time.:


starthunder said...

Ha! Thanks iguanamom. I totally know what The A-Team is, but thanks for linking to the intro with the Cylon. That must have been in an actual episode at some point?

I'm going to post that in here. Thanks again!

docstar said...

Actually, it was supposed to be just an "inside joke" for the people running through the dailies - next thing you know, they put in the actual intro. ;-)