BSG Razor on DVD

I was just perusing the bestbuy.com site and noticed that Razor is scheduled to be released on DVD on 12/4/07!!! Woo-hoo!

Strange that it will be released before Season 3 on DVD?!?!?? WTF! ;)

It'll be great to have Razor anyway. :)


starthunder said...

The delay for the season 3 DVD release is really making me nutty, but since Razor doesn't have much of anything to do with season 3, I guess its okay that its coming out sooner.

I've really been planning to NOT buy the Razor DVD to make a statement, but I think a gazillion people will be buying it no mater what.

I'm at least going to wait until after the rating window to buy the DVD I think.

Hansgirl3 said...

I'll probably just buy it. Unless anything changes for me, it'll be my first DVD purchase of the series.

I did find Season 2.5 at 1/2 Price Books yesterday for only $25.00 and am seriously considering getting it.

We'll see...

Anonymous said...

Hi guys thought I'd give you the heads up. UKB KVCD has posted a the 2hr Razor movie on Mininova. I'm still downloading it but the partial that I have viewed looks legit.

starthunder said...

That download is everywhere now. I'm tentatively planning on attending the theater screening in Boston (tomorrow!) so I didn't want to spoil it by downloading. I also think it kind of sucks that it got leaked and people are swarming to it - although there's always the chance that Sciffy or someone involved in the production intentionally let it leak to get everyone stirred up about it.

I'm kind of split on what the PC thing to do is regarding purchasing the DVD. I want to make sure writers get their fair share (as per the strike) and I also wanted to boycott Sciffy politics as they affect the season 4 production schedule and potential broadcast split.

Sometimes it's hard being aware ;)