Gettin' chatty with David Eick

David talks to "Two Tivos to Paradise" (whatever the heck that is). Not really info heavy, but it's nice to see David's words. I really think he's an interesting and funny guy. What is it with producers anyway? David Eick and Rick McCullum seems like they could be long lost twin brothers.

Here's the more interesting non-news I drew out of the conversation:

TTTP: Switching up yet again, has there been any final call on the scheduling of the final season of Battlestar Galactica?

DE: Not that I know of. I'm not always privy to the decisions they make.

TTTP: Any update on the status of Caprica (the BSG spin off that is in development at Sci-Fi)?

DE: No. Ron Moore and I are still waiting patiently for some encouraging news on that front. I know it's still a consideration of theirs and they haven't moved off of it, but I don't have any updates on that either, unfortunately.

So there ya have it. Razor Flashback number 2 tomorrow night! I feel like a half starved torture victim. I'll get it up here as soon as possible for non-USA peeps.

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