Season 3 half mini-marathon end of November

I falsely reported awhile back that season 3 would be rerun again through October. This was an assumption based on the fact that the Sci Fi Channel had been rerunning season 3 in a continuous loop, and after finishing one season 3 rerun in early September, it had continued right along again with scheduling the first two episodes of season 3 for the final two weeks of September.

Of course, I made that assumption before schedule-bot had October's schedule up, which was instead jam-packed with Halloween programming, and neigh a trace of season 3. Well, we got Razor Flashbacks at least.

... and speaking of those Razor Flashbacks. As the 8 total minisodes lead up to the double episode Razor event on November 24, Sciffy has scheduled a kind of half mini-marathon of season 3 in the wee hours for the night before and the night of the big event. It looks like first they will be picking up right where they left off (episode 2 "Precipice") at the end of September, with episode 3 of season 3 "Exodus Part 1" starting at 1:30am (EST?) on November 24th (however this actually appears on the November 23rd schedule, in true schedule-bot form). They will air 4 epsodes in a row through the wee hours of the night/morning, and commence the following evening after Razor is aired twice almost in a row with only a few more episodes. At the end, we will be at epsiode 10 of season 3, and my hopes are that they will continue in December with the last 10 episodes, and perhaps we will get another actual full marathon before season 4 starts (which apparently "early 2008" is definitely not January, and could be as late as April).

Here's another thing - either there is a flaw in the scheduling, and actual airing will be different, or Sciffy is messing with us again... or it's still early and they haven't cleaned up the scheduling yet. Maybe I'm the one who's messed up. Noted below *

Confused yet? Either refer to the link I posted above, or look below. I'm just posting the relevant stuff:

November 23, 2007 on SciFi:

9:00 - 10:30 PM - Star Trek Enterprise w/ BSG minisodes
(looks like they will be airing them all together after STE?!)

November 24, 2007:

1:30 AM - Exodus Part 1 (S3 E3)
2:30 AM - Exodus Part 2 (S3 E4)
* S3 E5 "Collaborators" is not scheduled to air!?
3:30 AM - Torn (S3 E6) * Sciffy calls this part 1!?
4:30 AM - A Measure of Salvation (S3 E7) *Sciffy calls this part 2!?

9:00 PM - RAZOR

November 25, 2007:

1:00 AM - RAZOR (again!)
3:00 AM - Hero (S3 E8)
4:00 AM - Unfinished Business (S3 E9)
5:00 AM - The Passage (S3 E10)

That's it for the rest of November. At this point, December's schedule-bot hasn't kicked in yet, so we'll just have to see if they finish it up. If you type in a search on schedule-bot, it tells me "12/07/2007 08:00 AM DAYTIME ROTATION - BATTLESTAR GALACTICA" so hopefully that means season 3 continues in December :D


RJ said...

I think by not showing that one missing episode, they're just trying to make it as hard as possible for late-coming fans to get caught up. Why not punish potential paying customers by frustrating them continuously?

starthunder said...

hey rj! I just edited again, and added an end note.

i wouldn't be so sure that isn't an actual schedule error, and maybe they will really air Collaborators. they messed up with Torn and AMOS by assigning "part 1" and "part 2" when those are really only solitary episodes.

i'll getcha a d/l of Collaborators. dontcha worry ;)