Razor Flashback 1 video

This is pretty good quality, even if you click the full screen view in the bottom right corner of the player. Razor Flashback minisode 1: "Day 4,571" aired October 5, 2007. Please check out the credits linked below the video...

Online Videos by Veoh.com


BTW - I think this mini-sodhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gife series may also be titled "Takeover". Hey! It's what I saw in sciffy's page source is all I'm sayin' ;)

Here's a lesser quality version, but it has Razor promos in the beginning:

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Enjoy all my foreign amigos :D

Note: If you have the ability to view these on the SciFi webpage, please go there to view:
Razor Flashback Minisodes courtesy of scifi.com

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Anonymous said...

Thx for posting this, im outside of the US, and couldnt find this on youtube. : )