Season 3 on DVD within our lifetime?

This from digitalbits 10/17/07:
"When's Battlestar Galactica: Season Three coming out? When is Universal going to announce the third season of Battlestar?" You know, aside from "When is this format war going to be over?" I don't think we get asked anything more often.

Well, folks... it just so happens that we're Battlestar fans around here at The Bits too. So we asked our friends over at Universal. The long answer is (of course) that what follows is unofficial, as the title hasn't actually been announced yet and production is still underway on the special features. However... their short answer is that it's tentatively penciled into their release schedule for next Spring, specifically April 2008.

Yeah, I know that's a fracking long time. Don't kill the messenger. I'm just telling you what they told me. There's no specific word on why they're taking so long to get it done, other than presumably they're just trying to get all the extras finished. Perhaps they want to give Battlestar Galactica: Razor plenty of time by itself on the DVD shelves, so that all you fans will make sure to buy it. Maybe they want to have another DVD product to sell during Season Four's mid-season break. Maybe they're working on an HD-DVD version as well (that's not official or anything, but it seems a likely possibility). Anyway, as of now, April 2008 it is.

Stay tuned...

The studios need to get their act together. Either they are totally oblivious to the fact that their money-making ploys through delayed releases are useless since anyone can download this stuff if they want to, or conversely, they know too much about that and are freaking out to desperately try and get what they can from a DVD release. Well, not me. I'm going to refuse to purchase Razor on DVD as a new release, and maybe not at all unless it's dirt cheap or I get it used. This is an act as a matter of principal by a fan and a consumer. Of course, any bad DVD sales could be read by the companies as Razor being unpopular. But who really cares, since Galactica is ending after season 4 - and perhaps if they see it as unpopular (which is unlikely since it's already made a claim to fame), they won't feel compelled to spread season 4 out so long. But then again, it could deter any movement on the possible Caprica series as well. It's a hard life being so conscientious. I'm just a leeetle perturbed right now *sigh*

The one valid reason for a delayed DVD release is that they are working on special features. They better be worth the wait, and they better include the Resistance webisodes and all the "exclusive clips" and bonus scenes that were aired after season 3 episodes first aired, and which are now no longer available to view on the website - save for a few.

This is my rant. No news is... still no news ;)


RJ said...

Sci-fi/Universal has a weird way of taking care of their BSG fans. Oh, well.

I'm just hoping Sci-fi shows the rest of Season 3 at some point before Season 4. I still have Episodes 1 & 2 of Season 3 and then the last 14 Episodes of Season 3, sitting on my DVR. I have this six-episode gap I want to fill before I start season 3.

Rabid Moose said...

Waiting for months, and what do we have to show for it? Casualties. Deteriorating conditions.

It's finally hitting them, Saul. Our old lives are gone. The only thing we have to look forward to is this.

RJ said...

If the sci-fi schedule happens the way it says online, I'll end up with 5 of the missing 6 episodes during Thanksgiving holiday. For some reason, they're skipping an episode in the order as it currently stands.