Razor Flashback Previews

It's October, and that means one thing... well, aside from my most favoritest holiday EVAR (nooo, not talking about Columbus Day either :P)- Razor Flashbacks! The previews and trailers have been airing in recent months (just saw one a few minutes ago, which inspired me to do this entry). So for your previewing pleasure, here are the lot of 'em: trailers, previews, teasers etc. for Razor and Razor Flashbacks. Flashbacks are airing starting this Friday, all the way up to the late Novemeber air date for Razor.

Actual Razor previews/trailers:

Exclusive clip #1

Exclusive clip #2

Sneak peek of a sneak peek

Bonus vids (don't really have to do with Razor):

From Comic Cons "Ladies of BSG"

BSGcast interview with Katee Sackhoff

See other BSGcast stuff here on youtube

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Hansgirl3 said...

Well, Frak! Now I have to watch Flash Gordon...

I can't really get into that show. Oh well!! We do what we've gotta do for BSG, right? ;)