BSG UN Summit

The Battlestar Summit at the UN in NYC took place this Tuesday, and bot Sci Fi Wire and io9 have coverage from the event.

From io9 - The Night Battlestar Galactica Took Over The U.N. by Meredith Woerner

From Sci Fi Wire - Battlestar Galactica rocks the United Nations by Peter Pachal

See the Sci Fi Wire article for a link to video coverage of the event, and check out this NYT article about the summit.


Anonymous said...

Battlestar Galactica is my favorite show. It's my all time favorite show. But my money was stolen by my government and illegally given to the United Nations. The UN has taken my money for a panel to discuss Battlestar Galactica? I see my tax money was well used.

starthunder said...

So the nation is broke and we should clamp down and not have forums discussing social issues?

I'm pretty sure, or at least I would think that this was all done not-for-profit. And I don't think I'm going to cry for an audit or anything.