Poll Results: Boomer and Baltar

Baltar and Boomer polls are now closed! But there are new Kara and Piano Guy polls up now.

Here are the results:

Not much happened with Baltar in STWOM (In fact nothing happened with him I believe), but here's whatcha'all thought of him since "No Exit". It seems like a pretty close vote as to Baltar's ability to change, with some thinking he has already but most thinking he will never change. A good amount of people also think he is slowly changing though. That Baltar will help bring the humans and Cylons together won the most votes of all, so here's to high hopes for Baltar!

Baltar has changed
3 (13%)
Baltar is slowly changing
7 (30%)
Baltar is exactly the same
4 (17%)
Baltar will never change
8 (34%)
Baltar is the dying leader
2 (8%)
Baltar will incite a revolution
2 (8%)
Baltar will quell a revolution
3 (13%)
Baltar will help bring Cylons and humans together
10 (43%)
Baltar will be exiled from his groupies
2 (8%)
Baltar will strengthen his groupies
2 (8%)

Votes: 23

Boomer didn't come up much in the last episode either, but since the events at the end of Deadlock, most people beleive Boomer is still sticking with the Cavil plan. However, a relatively close second is that Boomer is independent (yay!). There are also those who still beleieve in love (even if it's among Cylons), and an equal amount are saying "What the frak is going on?" over and over again. Nobody thinks Boomer is against Cavil, but I secretly do, and I'm surprised I didn't vote for that...

Boomer is still a Cavil ally
7 (38%)
Boomer is against Cavil
0 (0%)
Boomer is independent
5 (27%)
Boomer will be assasinated
2 (11%)
Boomer will rejoin the fleet
2 (11%)
Boomer will join the 6s and 8s
1 (5%)
Boomer will fall back in love with Chief
4 (22%)
Have no idea what's in store for Boomer
4 (22%)

Votes: 18

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