Colonial Dispatch 3.3.09

A lot happens in a week!

This picture must be posted! Jamie's semi-buff anti-fur print ad for PETA via TV Guide (I think Bear McCreary needs to do one of these too).

Speaking of Bear, don't forget to catch up on his blog! "Someone to Watch Over Me" was obviously a very music intensive episode, and McCreary is already up to 3 extensive blog entries on the subject. Also, congrats to bear on his engagement to the beautiful Raya Yarbrough. AND, the following video of Bear giving a sneak peek of the Caprica series theme has been bumping around the web recently:

The above video was spotted by Grant Gould over at the Battlestar Blog, from youtuber lexspartan, and now has made another video available of Bear and finacee Raya performing "lords of Kobol":

Episode 1 of the web series Angel of Death, which co-stars Lucy Lawless, ran it's first episode as of yesterday. Check it out here at Cackle - *anti-spoiler* Lucy hasn't shown up as of yet *end anti-spoiler*

Very interesting discussion at Discover Magazine online concerning real life self-repairing materials, directly inspired by the Cylon substance being used to repair Galactica in the series.

This year's Paley Fest is coming up on April 10 at LA's ArcLight Cinerama Dome, and according to laist.com: "Battlestar Galactica executive producers David Eick and Ronald D. Moore are already scheduled to appear on the BSG panel, titled "Battlestar Galactica/Caprica: A Look Back and a Look Ahead," and fans of the show will undoubtedly be treated to scoop about the upcoming prequel. Although no other names appear on the list of panelists, a note on the event page says, "We're expecting stars from both BSG and Caprica, and will post their names as soon as they become available." "

Donnelly Rhodes (Doc Cottle) receives a Sam Payne Lifetime Achievement Award. Canada.com

And interesting genre mash-up will be in a future CSI episode, where Ron Moore and Kate Vernon will appear as themselves at a sci-fi convention, where some sort of crime scene that needs investigation will take place. Production of the episode also includes some Battlestar vets; director Michael Nankin, and writers David Weddle and Bradley Thompson. via The Watcher

I don't dare read this for fear of spoilers, but Katee Sackhoff was interviewed at the LA Times and talks about the final days on the set, and apparently some of the rumors flying around more recently. Spoiler level unknown!

The Guardian.co.uk has selected Katee as a candidate for the next Dr. Who sidekick.
Personally, I'm not feeling it. Katee isn't much of a sidekick.

Look for Don Thompson (Specialist 3rd Class Anthony Figurski) in The Watchmen, along with a flock of other Vancouverites.

Tricia Helfer talks to Eclipse Magazine about the Burn Notice finale and a little about her career in BSG.

Tricia will also be voicing the character Boodikka in the upcoming Green Lantern DVD series. animationmagazine.net

Still waiting for some coverage to roll in on MegaCon 09, which was attended by original BSG series stars Herbert Jefferson Jr., Anne Lockhart and Dirk Benedict, as well as James Callis, Jennifer Halley and Luciana Carro. The oldies and noobs got together for a BSG discussion panel (here's a small clip thanks to youtuber leatherneck4398), and I'm kind of astonished that Dirk Benedict agreed to associate himself with the new series. Hopefully there will be video of the entire panel soon! Tricia Helfer was scheduled to appear, but I don't believe she participated in the panel. BSG Cast was there, so we hope to see something from them.