Islanded in a Stream of Stars

I caved. I can't not watch the next episode previews any more. Frak it. There are only 3 episodes left, the next of which, "Islanded in a Stream of Stars", is the last series proper episode. The next two after that will be the 2 part finale, the 2nd part being 2 hours long. I had to look up "islanded" by the way. Never heard it used in verb form like that. Yep, it's a word, and quite possibly the most ridiculous one to grace the dictionary pages at that. Preview video below.

But first, check out the newest entry in the Eick Video Blog, Documenting BSG, which takes you on a tour with the camera crew. Very cool, and spoiler-free (I was trying to make some space between the top and the preview below with this) :0)

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