Who watches over who?

Stream of thought since watching "Someone to Watch Over Me"...

Actually, the meaning of the title is just now clicking. Someone or something is watching over Kara. Or/and is someone watching over Tyrol and Boomer? The Five? Everyone?

Since pretty early in the series, I've made some logical deductions that there are human creators of the Cylons out there that have more to do with this than just making the clankers. I kind of shoved it to the wayside for the most part though, since "They evolved" was nailed into our heads at pretty much the beginning of every episode. I figured they, the Cylons, evolved into skin-jobs on their own, but we've recently discovered that the Final Five, also skin-jobs of some sort, gave the clanker Cylons the know-how to make their own skin-jobs and keep them resurrecting. At this point, I'm trying to imagine who or what exactly the Five were in talks with before they made Cavil and the other models. How did Cavil come to enslave those Centurions which assumably brought him to existence with the help from the Five, and why did those Centurions want to be skin-jobs anyway? Didn't they rebel against the humans?

Anyway, those thoughts of human creators from the 12 Colonies, still out there somewhere, are starting to creep back in, especially since Piano Guy came around.

In the med clinic with Sam, and as the Cylons leave the room, an 8 mentions that she wonders if they might be able to hook him up to the ship's system like a hybrid.

Piano Guy - "The point is to bring a little grace and beauty to an otherwise brutal existence". Kara asks him if his music stopped any missiles when the Cylons attacked the 12 colonies. He calls her POV cynical. "Something happened to you".

Jumping to above theory of human Cylon creators... If Piano Guy perhaps had anything to do with Cylon creation, he would have been the one to add the art element, appreciation for "grace and beauty", and perhaps some of the tactility to be creative. Oh hey, wasn't Daniel an artist too? Hmmmm.

So, Piano Guy ends up being all in Kara's head, since when Tigh disrupts her Dylan (read totally awesome McCreary) jam session, Piano Guy is no longer there. Presumably a younger version of her dad? Here are larger versions of the images of Piano Guy and Dreilide Thrace seen below. Same guy?

Edit - Boing! That says "Opera House" doesn't it? Coincidence?

I still won't presume as to what Kara is since her return. Not yet. That she is just a regular old Cylon seems too easy, and so does the idea that she may have simply been resurrected Cylon-style. I'm definitely not willing to accept that Kara was anything but human before "Maelstrom". It does seem feasible that her father was either guilty enough, or perhaps somehow torn away from his family (maybe to join a covert team of Cylon builders?) but still had the ability to "watch over her", that he would be compelled to recreate her with some form of Cylon technology, again - if he had it and if he's out there somewhere. Just a thought.

I am however, beginning to smell some of the themes promised to us in the Caprica series, mixed with some of the stuff we've learned recently. Organic Memory Transfer was around for a long time on Kobol. It took a group, being the Final Five, to take this technology and re-adapt it on Earth. They also knew how to build skin-jobs apparently. This leads my imagination to think this: On the 12 Colonies, Cylons were developed with some amount of intelligence, reasoning skills, and other human traits ala carte. If this has all happened before, it's not hard to imagine that these creators of the Cylons could have been a relatively small and elite group of scientists, who also figured out how to make skin-jobs. Perhaps they even created skin-jobs first (and covertly) before realizing how to trim them back to something more manageable within human society - that being Centurions, or some form of. Since these human creators were human, they surely had loved ones, perhaps ones that they were desperate to recreate for themselves, or perhaps those loved ones accessed the creators information or were just smart enough to mimic it.

And just what were those old school Cylons and hybrid from Razor?

Speaking of elite scientists with top secret information, what was Baltar back on Caprica really? Way back (season 3?) when Baltar flew away with the Cylons, we already touched upon the theme of Baltar possibly being a Cylon, and whether his head 6 "hallucinations" were proof of that. So maybe Baltar isn't a Cylon (?), but could he have partook in the development of Cylon tech back on Caprica? Does he know how to make a skin-job, and/or could his memory of such somehow been tampered with? Could he have tampered with Cylon tech, even on himself, and had a resulting permanent virtual sex partner in head 6? Does he have a primitive and maybe human version of Cylon Projection? Now Kara has a head Piano Guy/dad. Could this be some kind of Cylon Projection? Is she a sleeper agent since she came back?

Anders in "No Exit" says "Chief... you thought you had a chip in your head" while trying to explain how the Five knew to build resurrection for themselves and leave Earth in the nick of time.

Hera's picture - They're stars *and* the same musical composition that brought (four of) the Five out. Star chart to a new home? Star chart to pending doom? After all, Kara is the harbinger of death and doom and stuff. Speaking of Razor, I ask again - Just what the frak was that rogue old school hybrid and Cylon anyway? Ya think they could've had a copy of Daniel with them, as well as resurrection abilities? Did they get Kara in Maelstrom? Leoben certainly doesn't seem to know what the frak she is, so it's doubtful it had anything to do with the everyday Cylons, except of course if Cavil did something secretly. I have doubts that Cavil is *that* perfect of a machine, and he didn't seem to be in much control over what happened with Kara and the nebula. I'm remembering what Cavil said in "No Exit" to Ellen about it being a "nice trick" with the exploding star/nebula, and Ellen denied having a hand in that or the Temple of Five by saying it must have been "the one true god". We also have yet to discover who exactly named Cavil "John" after Ellen's father.

Anyhew, if this has all happened before and it will again, is it possible that another set of planetary systems exist that are similar to Kobol, the 12 Colonies and Earth? Could this be the star chart Hera drew? Could it be the formula for resurrection? A cure for infertility among Cylons?

Laura Roslin mutters "Hera" as she falls to the floor just at the same time Boomer jumps away from the fleet. It doesn't appear that Roslin had any way of knowing that Boomer had actually jumped away. Is Roslin somehow connected to Hera and this whole cycle? Is it because Hera's blood helped revive her before? Is Roslin part Cylon now?

Sooo disappointed that Helo couldn't differentiate Athena from Boomer. Wonder if he could have gotten Boomer preggers. WHAT is the deal with the Opera House?

Ellen and Tigh in the school room:

E: "It had to be orchestrated from the beginning. The escape, all of it. It was just a means to get Boomer here. Cavil wanted Hera, Boomer got her for him."

T: "How can a 3 year old girl spontaneously write down that song?"

E: "She's plugged into something that's manipulating all of us... Maybe Anders could help us."

T: "If he ever wakes up."

So who is controlling Hera then? Is she connected to some unknown mystical force? A group of humans who originally created Cylons? The old school Cylons and hybrid from Razor? Is it also what gave the Five the message to leave Earth and warn the 12 Colonies? Is it what gives Baltar a head 6, Kara a head Piano Guy, and Chief a chip? Rethinking the meaning of the title "Someone to Watch Over Me".

I really don't think, or at least I don't want to believe that Cavil planned this all out with Boomer beforehand. I really want Boomer to be taking Hera as a hostage for herself, to leverage with Cavil and the Fleet for her own independence, and to give her Tyrol. I hope she's on her way to Kobol and not back to Cavil. I dunno what good that will do, but that's what I hope. Kobol is where it all started after all, at least as far as we've been told and as far back as the history we know tells. Plus, The Opera House is on Kobol, at least the ruins of it are. Sharon is part of the vision, and both Boomer and Athena are derived from the same Sharon memories. Maybe Boomer will go back to Cavil first, but the eventual path to Kobol seems inevitable to me. Everyone knows how to get to Kobol too, which reminds me... How did Ellen and Boomer get from Cavil to the fleet so quickly?

I just want there to be happiness for Chief. Please let him and Boomer live happily ever after! Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

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