Colonial Dispatch 2.24.09

Less than a month of Battlestar remains...

Jane Espenson talks to The Watcher about Deadlock
. I will hold off on reading this until after March 20, so spoilers are unknown and read at your own risk, but I did hear some interesting notes about this interview and a plot line that had to be abandoned involving Baltar. Guess that's not a spoiler if it didn't happen, right?

Issue #2 of the 4 part comic series Battlestar Galactica: Cylon War came out last Wednesday, I have it, read it, loved it, and expect a review of issues 1 and 2 here soon. Promise. But what I was really getting at was an excuse to segue into news about the upcoming Battlestar Manga series by Tokyo Pop due out this April. Here's a preview of the first edition of "Echoes of New Caprica":

Loving this comparison of Battlestar Galactica to Aeneid by Charlotte Higgins at The Guardian UK.

Even though The Oscars have eclipsed a lot of other awards news, Battlestar is still a winner FYI! At the Visual Effects Society Awards BSG won for best VFX in a broadcast series (Variety), and the show won a Golden Reel for best music short form and foley in a television series (THR.com). Go team!

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