Looking at Gaeta and Battlestar

Over at io9, Annalee Newitz reflects on Gaeta as a character, his demise (okay, so that's relative), and how he ties into the greater web of the story. Interesting stuff. I haven't been posting many other reviews since "Sometimes a Great Notion", but this one is worth a gander (yes, I said that) - Why is Gaeta so Bad?

Another reflection, but this time on the career of Battlestar as a series, and how it's relevant in the scope of television history. Oh, and did you know Eddie Olmos was a Throbbing Gristle fan? I suspected he was punk-rock. Read Kill Your Television Series: The bittersweet, dignified demise of Battlestar Galactica by Mark Holcomb of Moving Image Source (Journal of the Museum of the Moving Image). via Club Jade

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