Okay, so this post actually mostly concerns any time after tonight...

Hulu has now posted on the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles page - "Availability Notes: TSCC returns to Hulu February 14", which means to me that they will have the season premiere available to view the day after it airs, or even at 2am (likewise with BSG). The official Fox site for TTSCC seems ready to go with their full episode page as well.

There still is no information about Dollhouse being posted to view online at either Hulu or the official site at Fox, but both sites seem well poised to do so. Hulu has gone through the trouble of making a page dedicated to Dollhouse with pretty much all available clips and previews posted there, and at the official Fox Dollhouse site they have a video/full episodes spot set up just for Dollhouse. The only thing that makes me worry is the fact that barely anything was available for the original airings of TTSCC way back over a year ago. But since then, online services have improved exponentially, even for Fox I might add, and it looks like all the shakes of the magic 8 ball are saying "more than likely" when we ask if our shows will post to the web.

BTW, it's definitely worth a gander at the Fox Dollhouse video/full episode page right now to see some great behind the scenes footage of the making of the show, with Joss, Tahmoh, and the rest of the cast.

As far as the BSG episode tonight is concerned, I have ceased to watch all previews and tried to remain spoiler free, except one little thing that I ended up seeing while browsing the news. I'll hold off on posting that one little thing until tomorrow, for the sake of the other spoiler virgins out there.

Another reminder to fans who can't catch these episodes as they air (or even if they can) - click over to the official sites and show support for the shows!

Something I just thought of that completely puts Friday nights over the edge for me is the fact that the animated Clone Wars episodes also air on Friday nights on The Cartoon Network. Not that I ever actually watch those on Friday nights, but still! Everyone seems to be gambling on the Geeks never going out on Friday nights. That would probably be the case for me if I didn't have to work. The Clone Wars can be viewed after Friday air times on both The Cartoon Network site, and the official Star Wars site.

To end this post - Friday night on Fox, Grindhouse style:

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