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Battlestar composer Bear McCreary has been posting at his blog weekly since 4.5 started, commenting about his process of putting together musical themes for the show, among other cool stuff. Check out his most recent entry for an interview he did with Michael Hogan, and other factoids about the episode "Deadlock"... and a very special cameo! I am reading through this now, so I can't say the full spoiler content, but you should at least have seen "Deadlock" first, and since both Bear and Mike are high-profile kinda guys, you can bet the spoiler level (for future episodes) will be low to nil, at least no worse than what Ron and the writers let fly in their interviews and commentaries - which I actually consider mildly spoilery. I'm just sayin' ;) - Bear's Blog


James Jacob said...

Hi there, interesting article.

Couldn't find another way to get hold of you but was going to suggest I write an episode review for Deadlock - have to say was kind of disappointed.

I suppose it could be a guest blog in a sense? Interested?



starthunder said...

Hey James Jacob - Have you posted the review at one of your blogs? Please feel free to tell me if you did in the comments here, and I'll link you or repost the whole thing. Sorry I got to you a little late here.

James Jacob said...

Hi there,

I haven't written anything no, wasn't sure you had got my message in time and to be honest, work has been mental this past week!

I can do a review for this weekend's episode if you'd like?