The Questions

Still pondering some of the information we were flooded with in "No Exit", I am compelled to write down the lingering questions (and new questions) having to do with the series that may or may not get an answer or further explaination:

1. Kara. Her destiny. What she is since she returned. The harbinger of death? I think these answers are coming very soon.
2. How/why did Tigh have hair and was presumably younger in the flashbacks to his first meeting with Adama soon after the first Cylon War? From what's been gathered about the Final Five, they download in a similar fashion as the other skin-jobs, "as is". Tigh's physical differences would contradict this.
3. This may not be important to the plot anymore and is tied into the above question, but if Tigh was "sent first", presumably around the time he met Adama back before WW1, when exactly did Tory, Galen and Anders show up on the scene? They all look to be 30 something at best, so perhaps Cavil sent them in closer to the time before WW2 - ? I'm thinking about the movie "The Plan" we have coming up after the series concludes, which will supposedly take a closer look at Galen and Anders, and Cavil!
4. The Opera House. It was almost starting to come together until Caprica Six's miscarriage. But it wasn't really. An aside from this - What is the deal with the "Temple of the Five", the glowy five that D'anna saw, which also appeared in the Opera House? Who did D'anna see if the five were living among the fleet (and how did she see them), and what's the deal with the nebula (which is also somehow connected to Starbuck)?
5. Baltar and head Six's "child of humanity". Which leads to...
6. Hera. Is she relevant other than being the first child born of a human plus Cylon? Seems to me like proof that the Cylons can't live/evolve without the humans if they don't have resurrection.
7."The dying leader" leading them to Earth. Could it simply be a false prophecy? Is it Roslin? Will she die? Will her death prove the prophecy to be true? They did already get to Earth though, and Roslin ain't dead yet. Here's a thought - Was it just her leadership that was dying?
8. Daniel. I "suspect" we aren't going to get much of an answer to this, but I've been trying to stay away from spoiler interviews and commentaries. Could the fact that there are 13 total Cylon skin-jobs be relevant to the 13 Colonies? That thought leads me to wonder whether the 12 Colonies only divided into 12 because they had 12 available planets to disperse themselves amongst, or if they were already 12 distinct groups of humans upon leaving Kobol.
9. This is a question of confusion... Even though Ellen resurrected before the resurrection hub was destroyed, she still seemed to be resurrected in a special separate resurrection pod. It looked to me that she was actually on Cavil's baseship. It wouldn't make much sense for Cavil to allow the big secret he was keeping about the final five to be given up by any of them resurrecting openly in the res hub anyway. If that special res-pod was in Cavil's base ship, then they wouldn't have lost resurrection completely. If Ellen was resurrected in the hub, did Cavil have some way to keep her hidden from the other skin-jobs? Why did Cavil allow her to be resurrected at all? Why does he need to cut her head open to get memories? Haven't we seen other skin-jobs access the memories of the others through other means? Can of worms!
10. I still want to know if or how the final five are different physically from the skin-jobs. Maybe they are just the same. I'm still not clear on that. I have to watch "Sometimes a Great Notion" again, because I'm pretty sure they verified that the skeletal remains found on Earth were the same Cylon skin-jobs as the One through Eight's (skipping the Seven) that currently exist. But still, are the final five only unique because they were the sole survivors of the Earth holocaust? Or are they different, maybe not physically, because the "angels" told them to get the heck out and find help the 12 Colonies. Also, do the five age at all? Time did slow down for them for the thousand some odd trek to the colonies. This leads to another question...
11. Cylon resurrection vs. Cylon procreation. Apparently the Cylons resurrected (on Kobol?), then by the time they got to Earth, they had somehow come to procreate naturally and didn't need resurrection anymore so it became a lost art. Train of thought here: A baby born of Cylon descent must grow old and die. Are they then completely natural and no longer a machine? If a natural-born Cylon dies and is resurrected via "organic memory transfer", then is it only a machine as far as the process of recreating it goes? Do those resurrected Cylons age at all? Eventaully? Slowly? Or is it simply frozen at the point in time/age that it died? Could it be another evolutionary process? This might help explain Tigh's loss of hair ;)
12. Were there simply just humans on Kobol in the beginning, and furthermore are we to believe that the Earth we live on now is hundreds of thousands or billions of years after (or before) the Earth seen at the end of season 4.0? I don't think we'll get anymore clarification on either of these issues, but since "this has all happened before" I'm guessing it has and will happen for infinity, so the inhabitants of Kobol were most likely the result of a previous human split with the Cylons. If that's the case, then we should be able to consider the humans of the 12 Colonies to be distant relatives of Cylons, and the 13th Colony of Earth, who are Cylons, to actually have evolved into full humans. As for the question of when on Earth this takes place, I like to imagine that it was long before and things like Atlantis are remnants that have survived the ice ages as well as volcanic or meteoric catastrophes.

Here's a bonus speculative thought (consider it the 13th question, representing the 13 Colonies, and/or Cylons):

- If the final five were planted amongst the humans by Cavil, with their new memories, there's an assumption that Cavil had reason to do so with the intent to sabotage the humans. At first I wondered if the faulty construction of the Galactica might have had something to do with Cavil's intervention and if Chief could have been a catalyst to that. But alas, Chief seems too young to have been planted in time to see the Galactica built and then experience WW2 so many years later. But could he have existed as a sleeper agent all that time? It would add more meaning to the sub-plot of the Galactica's reconstruction taking place currently, but then again, it might just add more complexity to an already complex mythology.

Aside from these things, I'm anxiously awaiting that big looming space battle that they seem to have been saving up for with the lack of significant FX in recent episodes. Cavil is somewhere just around the corner!

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