Kate Vernon Speaks

The "one little thing" mentioned in yesterday's post was an interview with Kate Vernon at IGN.com. It was a spoiler for last night's episode, "No Exit", because it basically started out by saying she would be back in that episode. It goes a little more in depth to the episode itself (thanks for not waiting one day to post this IGN!), and if you're an absolute purist as far as spoilers go, you may still not want to read the interview as it verifies story points that may otherwise thus so far be left to some of the more vivid imaginations. Here it is - IGN Talks to BSG's Ellen Tigh

I also held off on linking to another article which speaks to Kate Vernon, and I am actually not going to read this one, since the source, SciFi Wire, says it is a major spoiler. It doesn't say spoiler actually, but it says "massive secrets" which is good enough warning for me. If you just don't care, check out the article Exclusive! Battlestar Galactica's Kate Vernon reveals massive secrets!

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