Colonial Dispatch 2.8.09

I was just reviewing "Blood on the Scales" over at Hulu, and it seems they may have found a genius symbiosis in advertising. Even though I'm pretty sure the Air Force ads are being shown when you watch anything on Hulu, the fact that they show it with Battlestar couldn't be more perfect. I was never really the type to join the military, at least not until now that it's kind of a little late in the game, especially to start pilot training - but oh man! How frakking cool would it be to fly those jets like they were frakking Vipers?!?

The enhanced version of "Blood on the Scales" isn't on Hulu right now, and I haven't checked SciFi.com because I've decided not to listen to the commentaries until the series has played out.

I also noticed that they had the web exclusive "The Hatch" up at Hulu and Sci Fi Wire. We'll post the Sci Fi Wire version here:

Maureen "The Watcher" Ryan comes through again for us fans, and as much as I want to be suggestion-free from the commentaries, I can't help reading the interviews she's been gracing us with. This week, for 'Blood', Maureen brings us Talking about 'Battlestar Galactica's' 'Blood on the Scales' with writer Michael Angeli. The obvious spoilers should be expected.

io9 caught up with Aaron Douglas at NYCC Friday, and shook him down with a Q&A about Emissary and BSG (okay, mostly BSG). It's spoilery as in it's suggestive of how you might feel by the end of the series, and it also tells us what will be explained in more depth as the series draws to a close. Okay, warning finished. Now read or watch the video and adore the awesome Office meets BSG t-shirt Aaron is sporting.

io9 also reports on the NYCC Emissary panel, with the promo video. No glimpses of Aaron in the promo, but I love ludicrously high-concept stuff!

IGN checked in today from NYCC and gave a little bit of the scoop on Joss and Tahmoh's Dollhouse panel.

Billy lives! In our hearts at least, but Paul Campbell is reported to have taken part in a very interesting tree-planting ceremony in the Yucatan. Read all about it at PR-USA

SciFi Wire has an interview with author Eric Nylund about the new 4 issue comic series Battlestar Galactica: Cylon War. Issue number one is currently in stores, and I promise a review one of these days soon. In short - a big double thumbs up! I think I'll refrain from posting the generally negative review over at IGN, so if you wanna read it you'll have to dig it up yourself :D. Comic Book Resources has the rundown from the Dynamite Comics panel at NYCC, which discusses some of the BSG projects.

Katee Sackhoff talks to Dose.ca as she gets buff for her role in Lost and Found. Don't forget to watch Katee in Nip/Tuck this Tuesday at 10pm on FX.

Kate Vernon talks briefly to The New York Daily News and mourns the show and the end of her work there.

Totally crazy Trylon Viers to be viewed at io9! Read down the comments in the article for a video interview and test drive with one proud owner.

So, I'm really bummed that the Cylon Detector app available from iTunes really is only for the iPhone and not the Touch. I have the latter which lacks a camera with which to utilize said app, even though they say you can use it on the Touch using a stored photo. What the frak fun is that? If you do have an iPhone though, here's the iTunes store link. I'll just have to live vicariously for you.

Take a virtual tour of the Galactica at SciFi.com. It's fun, and I just spent way too much time exploring.

Something many a BSG fan may have pondered is the impact of all the nuclear arsenal and the resulting consequences of their use in the Battlestar 'verse. Being a fan of apocalyptic themes myself (not that I want them to happen!) and more recently an addict to the game Fallout 3, I've been learning up a little more on the subject of a nuclear holocaust, kind of inadvertently. Some have asked why the Cylon-human alliance didn't even try to make a go of it on Earth, since the radiation was "slight" and 2,000 years old. We saw vegetation there, did we not? Will McCarthy posted a rather brilliant post over at Sci Fi Wire discussing what the possibilities might have been with some real-world science. Check out How we'll survive Battlestar Galactica's radioactive future, and when you're done with that, stop over at the Next Big Future blog to check out Brian Wang's research and analysis on the subject in the post The Science of Nuclear War Effects and Battlestar Galactica. After that, I recommend you rent The Day After Tomorrow and get that survival sled packed! Include lots of chocolate ;)

On to the less heavy stuff...

As you may notice, there's a new "poll" up (in parenthesis because the polls here are a little less than normal, and are mostly a fun way to interact). Most of the polls here are left to multiple choice... just an FYI. Here are the results of the last poll, recorded down in history:

"So far... Notion, Soul, Oath"

Good, better, best
1 (7%)
Best, better, good
3 (21%)
Other combo
2 (14%)
Frakkin blah blah
0 (0%)
Humans are dumb
2 (14%)
Viva la Revolution!
0 (0%)
Frak the Revolution
4 (28%)
Told too much in 'Notion'
2 (14%)
'Notion' made more questions
3 (21%)
Good balance of Qs and As so far
0 (0%)
Who dies next?
2 (14%)
1 (7%)
No one (of consequence)
2 (14%)

Votes: 14

Frak the Revolution it is!

This is from an old-ish post over at Geek Crafts, but for all you knitters - check out the BSG Nebula hat! Also known as the "Mandala" by pattern contributor quirkyknitgirl.

The quote o' the week from Roslin:

"I swear it. I'm coming for all of you"

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