A new, new Battlestar is possible

It's hard for a lot of RDM Battlestar fans to fathom right now (at least for this one it is!), but word has it that Universal Studios has "quietly" began talks with the original Battlestar Galactica creator, Glen Larson, to produce a theatrical version of the story, purportedly including Starbuck, Adama, and Baltar. According to SciFi Wire who credits The Hollywood Reporter as the source, Universal had no comments on the matter, which I find kind of hilarious since SciFi Wire is part of the NBCU family. Did they really have to ask in the post title "As SCI FI's Battlestar ends, is Universal adapting another for the movies?"?

I do remember reading from various sources that Larson was never really happy with RDM's re-imagined version of the show, and we know how Dirk Benedict also feels. I can't help thinking that there's a vengeful tone here, and Larson will be trying to put the spotlight back to his version, so conveniently after Battlestar has been revived as a huge hit. It's just really hard to even think about right now, and since they are just "in talks", you can bet that it would be years before anything comes to fruition if at all. If there's one thing that's for sure though, if this ever happens, Starbuck will not be female anymore. What do you think? Could a new, new Battlestar be feasible? Perhaps in a few years?

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