Colonial Dispatch 1.31.09

We're 3/10 of the way through season 4.5 now with "The Oath" this past Friday. Full episodes and commentaries are available for all 3 on SciFi.com and Hulu (actually, Hulu does not have commentary for 'Notion' presently). A little note about the episode commentaries, or "enhanced" versions - if you are a complete spoiler virgin, it isn't recommended that you watch/listen to these since Ron makes a good amount of allusions to what may (or may not) happen in future episodes, amongst other generally mild spoilers. I can't help watching them myself, but sometimes I wish I hadn't because I start to know what to expect.

^ That all being said, here's yet another interview with Ron Moore by Maureen "The Watcher" Ryan from the Chicago Tribune, discussing his directorial debut in "A Disquiet Follows My Soul". Very mild spoilers alluding to the remainder of the season.

... and today Mo Ryan has an interview up with writer Mark Verheiden discussing "The Oath" (includes her own thoughts on the episode).

Looking for an interesting recap and analysis of the epsiodes? Check out Ben Scarlato's thoughts from the perspective of ethical technology from The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. Deep thoughts.

Kandyse McClure talks to MediaBlvd Magazine On Dee's Departure From 'Battlestar Galactica', and she's currently filming her new series Persons Unknown in Mexico City. *winks to location*

Michael Trucco recently visited his hometown and students who actually have Battlestar Galactica on the curriculum. Lucky kids. San Mateo Daily Journal

Get the Stealth Cylon Centurion figures while they're hot at NY Comin Con! A limited quantity will also be available online, as reported by Action Figure Insider Mag, who also mentions the "2009: Year of the Minimate" panel at NYCC! You mean BSG Minimates might be easier to find this year??

LOL at io9's commentary on "How the BSG Writer's Room Works". I knew I couldn't have been the only one thinking that when I listened to Ron's commentary of 'Disquiet'. Spoiler - retconning might ruin your imaginations natural ability to take a leap of faith for the show!

Buddy TV has an interesting look/speculation at where the rest of the show can move onto in the remaining (8) episodes. I know some of you must also be wondering "Where do we go from here?" as well - ?

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