Season 4.0 on DVD: Frak Yeah

It's finally here for region 1! I went for the Best Buy exclusive which includes a set of Starbuck's dogtags, the unrated extended edition of Razor (the case says it includes the same bonus content as the stand alone "exclusive" release of Razor from Best Buy, but since it's one disc instead of two I can't see that happening - we'll have to see), and a nice little collectible character book "Battlestar Galactica: So Say We All":

The case for this DVD set is also different from the regular version of the 4.0 set which instead has a picture of Apollo, Bill, and Starbuck with the obligatory pensive stares. Even though I love that the BSG "Last Supper" is on the exclusive cover (albeit only partially), it doesn't quite match all the other season DVD sets thus far.

At first look through the character book, I thought it was merely a reproduction of the cast profiles on the Battlestar site at Sci Fi, but it's not. The booklet includes a nice little story set up, and two page spreads with profiles of all the main characters with lots of great photos (promo shots that we have moslty seen before anyway).

Before the season 4.0 marathon begins, I'll be digging through the bonus materials and deleted scenes right off the bat. (Edit) - After a run through of the bonus content, the absolute winner is "The Music of Battlestar Galactica" which is an extended version of the bits that got out during Comic Con right before Bear's big concert. This feature is absolutely hilarious! The rest of the bonus content, aside from the deleted scenes, are mostly regurgitated bits from David's video blogs.


I also recently scored the "official" Battlestar Galactica 2009 wall calendar. I say official because it's the same one listed at the NBCU store, even though another version also seems to be available with a different cover (I definitely prefer the "Last Supper" cover) and slightly different photos. Some of these photos have to be the same though, since they are obviously from the same batch of promos as the formerly mentioned calendar. Grace and Tricia, as pictured in the Amazon link, are wearing the same clothes in both calendars, and even the "official" calendar features different shots of cast members wearing the same clothes. Kind of lame if you ask me, especially since a lot of these promotional shots are obviously dated from even as far back as season 1 (you can tell by the hairstyles mostly).

"Official" version photos:

Even so, I'm glad to have these shiny pictures of the prettiest group of humans ever to trek across the galaxy to find their true home. And what a nice way to start off the new year with a spread of the boyz of BSG for January (I also wasn't disappointed to find Helo as the hunky poster boy for April - my birthday month). As you can see below, I might have gone a little overboard on wall calendars this year. It's not my fault calendars go for 50% off after the new year!

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