Colonial Dispatch 1.26.09

BrickCon 2008 is getting a little recent boost in recognition for the Battlestar Viper hangar complete with 35 models and variations of Vipers composed of LEGO bricks. See the pics at Gizmodo and DVICE.

Could the new Obama administration be too happy-shiny-hopeful for Battlestar? io9's Annalee Newitz asks "Is Battlestar Galactica Relevant in the Obama Era?".

Kandyse McClure talks to SciFi Wire about her role in Children of the Corn.

Also at DVICE - A steampunk Cylon contest! The winner will be announced by the March 20 season finale, which leaves you plenty of time to submit your Cylon! Details

A little about Angel of Death's Zoe Bell who will costar with Lucy Lawless in the upcoming web series.

How Caprica differs from Battlestar, and how it's the same from SciFi Wire.

And the last SciFi Wire bit for today is - Ron Moore talking about his directorial comeback in "A Disquiet Follows My Soul".

Yet another interview with Ron and Kate, this one from Media Blvd Magazine.

The latest from Mo "The Watcher" Ryan: 'Battlestar Galactica' veterans move on to 'Caprica'

A couple of not so recent videos from Access Hollywood's Dish of Salt blog: Tahmoh Penikett talking about the end of BSG, and Tricia Helfer on the end of the show.

Battlestar gets nominated for a Golden Reel for music editing in the TV category. Yeah, I'm pretty pissed about the SAGs too.

io9 deciphers parts of the "Cylon Bible".

Here's what you thought of "Sometimes a Great Notion" - No haters or non-believers here!:

Loved it - Sheer perfection
10 (45%)
Very good, but we'll see how it looks after the show finishes
8 (36%)
Hated it
0 (0%)
Too depressed to comment
2 (9%)
Feeling rather 50/50 about it
3 (13%)
Haven't seen it yet
0 (0%)

22 Votes

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