Colonial Dispatch 1.19.09

Just another spoiler reminder - We will talk freely about any episode that has aired (USA schedule), so if you haven't seen the most recent episode, read on at your own risk. Spoiler warnings will continue to be posted where appropriate when any unaired material is involved.

Episode 4.11 (also known as episode 13 if you include Razor as episodes 1 and 2) is available to view at scifi.com and HULU. The full episode with Ron's commentary is also at sciffy and HULU, and you can easily navigate to previews of episode 4.12 on both sites as well.

New David Eick video blog up at scifi.com: Inserts Action & FX

Tried to find video of Eddie Olmos on a local talk show from Sunday to no avail, but while searching youtube the following video was found (from community coalition) of a little "up close and personal" with Eddie. Love what he has to say about race:

Eddie was also spotted in DC at an Inaugural event, and Watching BSG.com has some pics!

The following interview with Mary and Eddie from TV Guide is kind of moderately spoilery. If you advance the video to 1:04 you will miss what Mary hushes Eddie about, and you might also want to stop the video at about 4:35 to skip a very mildly spoilery (only for the true virgins) remark about how a certain actor performs:

From SciFi Wire:
- "Dualla" Speaks About Last Night's Battlestar Episode
- Battlestar Stars Remember Their Favorite Moments

MediaBlvd Magazine
and the GalacticaBS boards collaborated to bring this interview with Ron Moore (very mild spoilers - general discussion of series including the remainder of 4.5) - Ron Moore Answers Tough Questions About BSG's Final Season

More of the BSG series from LA Times:
- 'Battlestar Galactica' countdown: Visual effects with Gary Hutzel
- The Final Cylon speaks! Exclusive interview with Kate Vernon

From DVR Playground - Exclusive Interview: Tamoh Penikett Talks BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and DOLLHOUSE Star John Francis Daley

Entertainment Weekly and Access Hollywood's "Dish of Salt" give us the following video (mild spoiler warning - this seems to vaguely hint at possible future content... I think!):

'Battlestar Galactica': The fifth Cylon speaks

Check out this wonderful study of "The Lingo of Battlestar Galactica" by Mark Peters.

Want to thank the cast and crew of BSG collectively? Grant Gould (awesome Star Wars and BSG artist!) is putting together a "Thank you from the fans" for everyone to sign. The deadline is January 25th for your submission. Click here for more info and instructions.

A solemn farewell to the show from VFX artist "Darth Mojo"

"Sometime a Great Notion" reviews continued...

- Bear McCreary talks about the episode and the music! Bear also spoke with episode writers Bradley Thomspon and David Weddle about the episode's progression.
- BSG “Sometimes A Great Notion” - Honey, I’m Home from tanveernaseer.
- 13th Colony
- Galactica: Variants
- Salon.com
- /Film
- Flick Filosopher
- Screen Rant

If anyone else has a review or comment, post 'em in the comment section!

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