Colonial Dispatch 1.22.09

The next episode airs tomorrow night, and SciFi Wire has a super spoilery article (which I haven't read yet, since they said it had major spoilers), which we'll just hold off linking to until after Friday night, since it apperently concerns that episode. If you want to be super-spoiled, you can navigate there yourself (and if you do, perhaps you can describe what the spoilers pertain to exactly, without actually giving us the spoilers).

Kate Vernon and Ron Moore's conference call with Deadbolt.com: Ronald Moore and Kate Vernon Look Back on Galactica's Final Cylon

TVaddict.com also got in on a conference call: On the Phone with Ronald D. Moore and the Fifth and Final Cylon

Did we totally miss this interview with Jamie Bamber at the Star-Telegraph last week? Better late than never: A conversation with Jamie Bamber of 'Battlestar Galactica'

Gamespy speculates about a possible video game/virtual world tie-in to Caprica in 2010. Scroll down to the third to last paragraph.

"Sometimes a Great Notion" did pretty frakking good ratings-wise.

Prezzy Laura Roslin is celebrated as one of TV's smart women at the msnbc.com blog Test Pattern.

Looks like fans can get 10% off BSG stuff (excluding the Cylon and QMx items) at the SciFi.com shop by using the coupon code "BSGFAN". Offer lasts until April 15, 2009. Ooooh. They have Mini-mates! via Monsters and Critics

This may seem like old news, but some retailers are giving an extra push to get those cob-webby old external HD-DVD drives for the Xbox 360 out the door and off their shelves. The BSG relevance? For 50 bucks you get the player bundled with season 1 of BSG, season 1 of Heroes, and King Kong all on HD-DVD. You still may not be impressed unless you are an Xbox 360 owner who knows what happens when you let the disc drive built in to your console spin more than absolutely necessary. The HD-DVD add-on also upconverts standard DVD, so you're not left watching season 1 of Heroes and BSG, King Kong, and perhaps Transformers over and over again. CNET

Know anybody who needs to catch up on BSG? I may be in the minority here, but I would never be so cruel as to refer anyone to watch/listen to those annoying speed-recaps (the narratoress makes my skin crawl). There are alternatives! One is the "10 Things You Need to Know" video series with Ron and David, but IGN also has a Timeline series they've been cobbling together. Here's Part 1, Part 2, and most recently Part 3. Sorry speed-recap narrator lady. You can't win them all.

Eddie Olmos drove home a powerful point to focus on the youth during Wednesday's luncheon fundraiser at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County. I'll be on the lookout for a transcript, and if anybody catches one (or video) give us a heads up. Monterey County Herald

More Eddie stuff! I usually like to get spoilery stuff out of the way first, but I wanted to embed this SciFi Wire video (because I can) which seemed to make more sense at the end of this post. The extent of the spoilers are that EJO expresses his feeling for the tone of the remainder of season 4.5. You may have already heard his feelings on this before, and other than that there are no specifics:

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