Coloial Dispatch 1.15.2009


Let's start with Eddie and Mary on ABC's The View from this morning (thanks to lester94111):


On to the headlines and articles...

The Propworx auction is almost on! Good luck getting onto the Propworx site though (the page has been trying to load for me for ages). The Auction Network site seems to be loading okay though.

LA Times continues their BSG beat, with mild spoilers (in that they are somewhat suggestive of the screener of episode 11 they watched) in each: One supposedly "safe" set photo from 4.5 appears in 'Battlestar', countdown to the end, and just way too talky about tomorrow's episode in 'Battlestar' crew confronts a terrible reality. Here's a non-spoilery LA Times post: 'Battlestar Galactica' countdown: Alessandro Juliani's Felix Gaeta.

The only other "spoilery" thing is at The New York Times online. They are also just a little too chatty about what they saw and presumed to have not seen in the advanced screening of episode 11. Maybe wait until Saturday to read The Things You Can't Know About 'Galactica'.

Also at NYT online, but non-spoilery, is John Hodgman's "expert" answer to a reader's question about BSG (LOL!).

Variety.com has a frakking awesome series of posts about real people relating to BSG. It would be too hard to link to all of them separately here, but if you click on The U.S. Marine: Byron R. Harder:'Battlestar' captures essence of military life to start, then continue reading the "More Articles". They are all similar real life takes on BSG. Also don't miss 'Caprica' aims for broader demo, which may have more links to the series not found in the previous link.

Speaking of Caprica, check out The Deadbolt Interview's Back in Time with the Crew of Caprica.

Crave online continues with their BSG series with James Callis on Gaius Baltar's End, and Jamie Bamber Wraps Up on BSG.

From IGN - Tricia Helfer Returns in Battlestar and Burn Notice: The actress talks to IGN about Galactica's end and conflict with Michael Westen.

Helo speaks: Chatting with 'Battlestar Galactica's' Tahmoh Penikett at zap2it

Rekha Sharma of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ at Louisiana's channel 2 2theadvocate.com

Find a Frak party near you! From Wired online: Frak Partiers Prep for Battlestar Galactica's Final Season.

Some thoughtful thoughts about BSG so far from Newsarama with 5 Things I Love (and miss) about Battlestar Galactica by Lucas Siegel.

Also somewhat thoughtful from The Washington Times - TELEVISION: Battlestar America? Politically conscious sci-fi program begins its final countdown.

Very nice nuts n' bolts cross analysis going on at DVICE (although admittedly, I think they might be a little bias) - Starship Enterprise vs. Battlestar Galactica: Who would win?

Heads up for a coming Lucy Lawless web series! From PR Newswire: Crackle.com to Premiere Thriller Web Series 'Angel Of Death' on Monday, March 2nd.



Mark Peters said...

Here's a piece on the language aspect of the show:

Hope you enjoy!

Hansgirl3 said...

I can't believe it's TONIGHT!!! Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I just did a marathon over the last couple of weeks of every episode from the mini-series up through season 4. I am soooo ready for tonight. I can't wait!

starthunder said...

Mark - that will be in the next Colonial Dispatch for sure! Great work!

hg! I so wanted to do a full marathon too, but I just recently watched the 4.0 DVDs. I had done a miniseries through the end of season 3 marathon this summer anyway. I see a complete marathon coming up this spring though (of course!).