Katee's Hit List

Browsing through today's print version of The Wall Street Journal, of course the most captivating article for me was a brief part in the Weekend Section featuring Katee Sackhoff talking about her top 3 sci-fi movies. Aside from the absence of any Star Wars movie, this list is a match to mine. Blade Runner is definitely number 1 for me. The Fifth Element is in my opinion one of the most underrated sci-fi films... possibly ever. But Alien... well, aside from being absolutely traumatized by this movie thanks to a mom that thought I was old enough to see it with her (but I really wasn't - I hid in the bathroom for half of it), I really appreciate how much was done right in this movie and that it is certainly an all-time classic, now that I'm all grown up that is. Still can't can't take the parts with aliens latching onto people's faces and the bursting bellies though.

WSJ has the main interview with Katee posted in whole here.

ONE MORE WEEK! Is it true?

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