Colonial Dispatch 1.20.09

Happy Inauguration Day!

Now that "Sometimes a Great Notion" has aired, the LA Times has posted some more behind the scenes photos from the set of the episode.

Wow. Did I just say wow? Out loud (in writing)? Oh, excuse me. You may be almost as taken back with this post from Dirk Benedict (I hope I don't have to explain to anybody who that is) at the Breitbart Big Hollywood blog as you were after watching "Sometimes a Great Notion", but in a rather different way. I think Dirk actually makes some very valid and interesting points, but unfortunately it does seem to come across more as a jealous rant, with more than a pinch of self-contradiction. You know what though? I still love and respect the guy, and honor his perspective. Spotted via LA Times

Here's a special treat for Toronto area BSG fans; The Bad Dog Theater has started running a new improv spoof show called "Battleawesome: Awesomestar", about - you guessed it - Batlestar! Shows run on Saturdays up until the 31st, and it only costs 10 cubits to get in. Check out the story with a video clip at blogTO.

A few more reviews of "Sometimes a Great Notion":
- Den of Geek
- 411 Mania
- SyFyPortal

Some post-Propworx auction reports:
- The Auction Network has a lot of blogging activity leading up to and from during the Propworx auction. If you start from this blog post, and continue to toggle to the next post, you will be able to follow the event. Lots of great photos and it basically takes you through the whole event!
- Galactica Sitrep's ProgGrrl was lucky enough to visit the auction. Check out their blogs about it with lots of links, pictures, and video!

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