The Final Stretch

Here we are exactly two weeks before the night of the premiere of Battlestar Galactica season 4.5, and as some of you may be noticing (if you browse around the web for it) there have been press screenings of the January 16th episode, along with the almost inevitable spoilers that go along with that. We here at FRAK hope to continue maintaining a spoiler-free environment (with spoiler warnings where necessary), especially as we tread the final stretch.

Over at The Watcher, Maureen Ryan has been privy to one of those screenings. While she has no spoilers in her recent post (except the title of the January 16th episode and a very un-telling photo from it), she does recommend that Battlestar fans remain as spoiler free as possible to enjoy the unfolding of the series finale, and to steer clear of any internet or print mention of the final episode(s) until after they've aired. Thanks Maureen, and again - FRAK is here to serve and protect!

Alan Sepinwall also posted at his blog yesterday about viewing the screening and vows to remain spoiler-free as well, and the entailing discussion from that post prompted him to post a July interview with Ron Moore today which discusses in a mostly non-spoiler way the themes of the coming series Caprica and the formulation of the Battlestar Galactica finale. The extent of the spoilers in the interview are general thematic and character discussions of Caprica, and some direct yes or no answers about whether certain issues in Battlestar will be adressed in the final episodes (Alan was prepared with a list gods bless him!). There is also some discussion about how Caprica does and does not tie into Battlestar, as well as other TV series that Moore has been influenced by. That being said, you can read this incredibly insightful interview here at nj.com or at his blog What's Alan Watching. Originallty spotted at Galctica Sitrep

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