Aaron chats with Slice of SciFi and The Chief's Deck

Check out the podcast interview with Aaron Douglas at Slice of SciFi "about the history of his character and his approach to playing Chief Tyrol." The interview officially starts around 29:20, but really starts at 30:15, if you want to skip the rest of the news and podcast, but they do have a pretty cool Dollhouse discussion right before Aaron's interview. Also, here's the Rekha Sharma interview from July that they mentioned, and if you click their "Battlestar Galactica" tag, there is a good amount of other juicy BSG stuffs. And wow - I could totally deal with going to CactusCon in Phoenix (Starting January 23) after suffering the northeastern winter so far.

(Edit) Here is a Q&A with Aaron over at the Live Journal fan site The Chief's Deck in their "Ask the Chief" section.

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