Poll Results: Kara and Piano Guy

I thought it would be interesting to leave the polls up longer than a week to see if any progress in the show might change the answers, but it didn't seem the case for Piano Guy and Kara. We still have 3 hours of the finale to go. I wonder if we'll get any solid answers at all!

Piano Guy drew a ton of responses, and many seem to believe he is indeed both Kara's father and Daniel. A good amount believe Piano Guy is simply Kara's father (in some shape or form?), and I was happy to see that some agree that he might be one of the humans who helped create Cylons (thus adding a respect for artistic creativity in an otherwised frakked universe). Is he just like a head 6? Cylon projection? Something that manipulates all of us?

Piano Guy is Kara's father
13 (22%)
Piano Guy is Daniel
5 (8%)
Piano Guy is both Kara's father and Daniel
34 (57%)
Piano Guy is a Cylon projection
8 (13%)
Piano Guy is like Baltar's Head 6
7 (11%)
Piano Guy is a vision from the Angels
4 (6%)
Piano Guy is a ghost
1 (1%)
Piano Guy is a simple hallucination
6 (10%)
Piano Guy is proof that Kara's lost it
3 (5%)
Piano Guy is "something that manipulates all of us"
7 (11%)
Piano Guy is one of the Colonial Gods
5 (8%)
Piano Guy is/was a human who helped create Cylons
5 (8%)

Votes: 59

Kara! It's astonishing how many people are convinced that Kara was Cylon all along. I personally voted for "Still 100% human", even though it's hard to imagine that's possible. An equal amount believe she is Cylon since her return (after "Maelstrom"), and I guess I'm willing to go with that, since there aren't really any other ways to explain it. There should have been a fourth option there however, that Kara is now an "angel", or something mystical to that effect. I'm thinking of throwing up a new revised Kara poll just for that possibility.

Kara is part Cylon since she came back
5 (17%)
Kara was always part Cylon
19 (65%)
Kara is still 100% human
5 (17%)

Votes: 29

Piano Guy LOL Cat by SciFi forum member didymos1120

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