Moore questions and Moore answers

Do you still have questions after the finale as to what Kara is supposed to be as intended by Ron Moore? TV Guide put up a Q&A late Friday night with Moore, assumably excerpted from the conference held last Monday after the press screenings, and they pretty much posed the same questions I would have asked, which included clarification on what he meant with certain aspects with the show that weren't blazingly obvious (which as many may agree, is a large majority of the show by the end).

I haven't been a huge fan of commentaries and interviews that have to explain everything. I think the story should do it on it's own, and what it doesn't, the imagination can take over. Alas, my imagination kicked into overtime with the finale, and I really wanted to know what RDM and co. intended with some of the big pending, not-so-clearly answered issues. If you do too check out TV Guide.com's Battlestar Galactica's Ron Moore Answers Our Burning Questions.

Moore and cast members Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos were present for Monday's press screening, and Alan Sepinwall seems to have the majority if not all of the conference transcribed here. Again, read at your own imagination killing risk ;)


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